Who We Are

501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization based out of Las Vegas, NV.

Knits and Kits was established in 2013, with the vision of helping the under privileged in our community. Beginning in the winter of 2013, 300 pairs of beanies, gloves and socks were donated to individuals living in the streets during the cold winter months. Providing knits for the winter and kits for everyday life, Knits and Kits hopes to improve the quality of life of homeless individuals.

Knits and Kits has created new programs in 2015 in efforts of preventing homelessness for at-risk individuals and improving the standard of living for the under privileged. Through partnerships with Three Square and other local organizations, Knits and Kits strives to reach individuals beyond those living in the streets of our community.

Our goal is to reduce and prevent homelessness by providing resources and essential kits to homeless and at risk individuals to help them grow and prosper within society. We believe that at times, people need helping hands and not hand outs to better their situations.

Knits and Kits is 100% committed to the cause and all staff members are volunteers.


Board Members

Victoria Chung – President/Founder/Chairman of the Board

Greg King – Executive Director

Samantha Duome – Board Member

Cathy Minami – Board Member/Ninth Island Aunties Program Director

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